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Care job roles

Working in the care profession provides an enormous variety of roles and careers that you can bring your unique range of skills and talents to.

There are always opportunities to progress your career and develop your skills and confidence whilst working.

Some of the key roles you may see advertised include:

Care assistant

Care Assistants can work in either residential settings or offer support in people’s homes. Duties include:

  • Helping people get up or go to bed
  • Serving meals
  • Assisting people to take part in activities and hobbies
  • Personal Care and support emotional well-being

Can be referred to as: Care Assistant, Carer, Care Worker

Personal care assistant

Personal assistants work directly for an individual or individuals helping them live as independently as possible by supporting them in daily life. This gives you freedom and flexibility to work on a one on one basis with an individual and will help to build a strong rapport enabling you to better understand their support needs.

Personal Assistants are employed directly by an individual who’s managing and paying for their own care, this is usually through their own personal budget or a social care direct payment. Personal assistants usually support individuals in their own home or out in the community supporting them with daily tasks such as appointments, or social activities.

Part of supporting an individual to live independently could include:

  • Helping individuals lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Attending vocational training, volunteering or work experience
  • Supporting them with social and physical activities and hobbies
  • Working with them to manage correspondence and bills
  • Completing or encouraging them to complete daily tasks like cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • Helping individuals attend work, college or university
  • Your duties will vary based on the needs of the individual you are supporting. Some may have more social needs while others need help with mobility and personal care.

Support will be for adults in the community with physical, mental and/or learning disabilities. The support may be for a few hours each day or you may be part of a team that delivers 24 hours care.

As a Personal assistant you need good listening and communication skills. A desire to help and support others, be able to work on your own initiative and flexibility and good time management skills.

Support worker

Support Workers are similar to Care Assistants but there is more focus on independent living. They can either work in residential homes or may work for individuals in their own home. In addition to the role of the Care Assistant duties may include:

  • Providing help in organising and attending appointments
  • Processing bills or helping with housing and advice
  • Helping people go shopping and getting out to do things they enjoy


To practice as a nurse you’ll need a degree in nursing and be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to become a nurse.

Your role might include:

  • performing a range of clinical tasks such as taking blood samples or wound dressings
  • recording medical information
  • working in partnership with individuals, families and other professionals to plan care and support.

Deputy Manager

The role of Deputy Care Manager can be based either in a residential home or as a manager of a team of carers for a domiciliary care provider. Duties include:

  • Manage and co-ordinate day to day running of the service
  • Ensure high levels of care and service being offered by staff
  • Work with other care/health professionals
  • Monitor and uphold quality standards of the service
  • Support the home manager

Care Manager

The role Care Manager will include some of the same duties as a deputy manager. The role also will include:

  • Responsible for meeting standards set by Care Quality Commission
  • Manage budgets
  • Recruit, train and supervise staff
  • Oversee the day to day running of the home / service

Support roles

The care system would not be able to do the amazing work it does without numerous people working hard in supporting roles such as these:

  • Catering
  • Administration
  • Office staff
  • Reception
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Marketing

Staff in these roles could work in lots of different settings including a day centre, hospice, care home, advice centre or in the community. 

Each role will require different experience and qualifications.


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