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Photo of Chantal
Organisational Development Business Partner
Chantal is responsible for the creation and delivery of learning and professional development for employees and supporting organisational change initiatives across the council, through the provision of training options.
Chantal has been with us for twenty years. "I've been in the same job since I started here," she says, but she's never got bored. "What I've found is that job just kept changing... It has always felt new, so I have needed to adapt, learn new skills and new ways of solving problems." She finds equipping staff with the skills to succeed immensely rewarding: "I am a learning and organisational development specialist. I love it because I am literally in the centre of where it's all happening, where decisions are being made, and often I am involved in delivering them, or supporting others to develop the skills and knowledge to deliver them. It's great to play a part in helping someone reach their full potential at work, from an existing manager who needs coaching to get them through a difficult time, to a young apprentice, working for the first time and utterly bewildered by it all."
Although she's had a number of different jobs in very different working contexts, Chantal really clicked with the ethos of local authority working. "Joining a council for the first time, and realising the difference and impact that the services we provide had on people in my own community, was a real eye opener," she says. " I knew I would never work for another type of employer again."
Chantal really appreciates the lifestyle that she has achieved over her career with B&NES, both in and outside work. "I love the flexibility of how I work now," she says. "Choosing where to base myself each day helps me to plan my work more effectively and also my social/personal life. I get to meet a range of new colleagues, and catch up with others I've known for years. The chance to work from home is great too. It feels like a very grown up way to work. We have a great mix of working locations, from the city of Bath to the smaller rural town of Midsomer Norton. I am proud that Bath is a World Heritage City and it belongs to us! My favourite time of day is walking through Bath and into the office at about 6.45am, when the streets are empty... it's just lovely on a beautiful summer's day. It's great to be near a major airport, with good motorway links to visit friends and family, and we aren't far from the sea. We have wonderful countryside for dog walks, and beautiful old towns and villages just up the road."