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Our values

Photo of waste and recycling staff at work

As an organisation, B&NES, in partnership with B&NES CCG, has committed to a set of priorities and values, based on a shared vision of how we think the council should run: 

"We are outcomes driven, working to provide the right services and solutions for our communities. Our culture is open, owns decisions and is resilient.  We trust each other to act in the best interest of residents, customers and colleagues".

graphic of the B&NES values

To explain a little more about what the values mean, here's a short video - put together by our Digital Learning Design Apprentice, Matilda.

Our shared values guide our decisions, behaviours and relationships at work, our interactions with our residents, our partners, and how we interact with you, a prospective employee.

For council staff

The core values shape every aspect of our working life and how we look to the future. Integrity and accountability underpin our open and transparent approach to our responsibilities as public servants. This means a culture of respect and trust within council teams. We care about the welfare of colleagues and the wider community, and collaborate to make decisions that everyone can buy into. We maintain a curious outlook, and are always striving to learn or support others to learn - on the job, and by offering opportunities for accredited training. We are driven by outcomes, meaning that we are always looking to improve, and encourage everyone to contribute to this process. For first-hand comments on how this shapes our working culture, why not meet our people, and read more about their working experiences with us?

"The respect for staff has been the most noticeable difference between B&NES and previous employers. Senior management are accessible and staff at all levels are made to feel welcome and supported" - Rich, Planning Team Leader

For our communities

Our values shape how we work to deliver public services, and how we communicate with the residents we serve. We care about the best outcomes for local people, through public services such as social care, education, and transport provision. We collaborate closely with a wide range of partner agencies and organisations, such as the NHS and the Police, and pool our resources and expertise to deliver services efficiently and effectively. We are committed to transparency and fairness, and provide extensive documentation on how we operate and the strategies we follow. For further details, read about the council and democracy.

"The collaboration and innovation are really evident in the culture here, and there are so many people who are passionate about delivering the best possible outcome to the people of Bath and North East Somerset" - Becky, Adult Social Care

When we recruit 

Our staff are our most valuable resource, and our values play an important role in our recruitment processes. To ensure fairness across a wide range of departments and teams, a central panel assesses all jobs and sets the pay grades for the work involved. In the interests of equitable treatment, we don't accept CVs, and every candidate completes the same job application form. Our interview panels all use the same values-based recruiting processes and scoring system for every candidate. We are committed to keeping you in the picture about the progress of your application at all stages. We recognise that the success of the recruitment process is reflected in the staff who stay with us long-term, so we support new starters with extensive induction and ongoing training.

"B&NES are flexible, trustworthy, team focused, accommodating and willing to listen." - Andrew, Career Progression Coach

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