Commissioning, Adult Social Care

Photo of Becky
Becky leads on complex service commissioning in Adult Social Care
Becky's current role is a secondment from our Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), to take on a position which is covering Adult Social Care needs for both the NHS and the council. "This joint commissioned post has given me an opportunity to really broaden my knowledge of two organisations at a key point in their development." She says, "My line managers have encouraged me to grow, and I have moved outside of a traditional role, which has been rewarding for me." She has enjoyed taking on new skills, and passing these on across her team: "I took the opportunity to undertake a coaching 'Train the Trainers' course, and have now rolled this out across the council and the CCG, with the new skill of training."
She chooses to work a nine-day fortnight, allowing her family time with a partner who works at weekends. She also appreciates being able to work in different locations around our region, and finds that being able to choose the start time of her working day makes commuting and parking easier. She lives outside Bath but comments, "having such a lovely city on your doorstep for shopping or eating out is fabulous. I like the fact that Bath seems like a series of joined up villages, each with their own character."
Becky is impressed by the values shared across the council and the CCG: "I have worked for a number of different employers, but B&NES is one of the best. The collaboration and innovation are really evident in the culture here, and there are so many people who are passionate about delivering the best possible outcome to the people of Bath and North East Somerset."