Career Progression Coach, Future Bright

Photo of Carol
Carol provides advice, guidance and support to people in BANES who are in work and accessing benefits to top up their household income.
Carol works with clients around our region, helping them to develop the skills and confidence to improve their working lives. She worked for a number of different employers before joining us, and is really happy with the flexible working arrangements she has now: 'They allow me to use my professional judgement to manage my caseload, in turn working at a pace that has positive outcomes. I can carry out my work in a more structured way when I need to work longer days to accommodate clients, and take time off to support family at other times.'
She takes advantage of flexible working to hot desk at our Hollies office in Midsomer Norton, which is closest to her Mendip home. 'This has proved to be a huge bonus in managing my work/life balance. ' she says. 'Working in close proximity to home has allowed me to be more settled and productive in my role. Parking is plentiful and the location superb. The working environment is calm and clean, and allows professionals to work efficiently and effectively.'
Carol says she has benefited from a great collaborative team culture, which has helped everyone to develop their professional skills. "My Line Manager and team are incredibly supportive. This allows working experience to be shared amongst us, through regular supervisions and professional development meetings. To have the facility to draw on others has been a really positive tool, supporting professional decisions I have made. The Business & Skills team is constantly drawing on the expertise of its members to find ways that BANES residents can achieve better and more successful life outcomes.'