Technical Officer, IT Services

Photo of Jason
Jason works on system implementation projects and provides general IT support to colleagues working all over the council
Jason has been with us for six years and has learnt a variety of new skills, from software knowledge to providing a wide-ranging IT support service. He's also been involved in training and mentoring more junior team members. He's progressed from a front-line role, managing requests for help, to key projects and new service implementations, as the council has updated its hardware and systems to more digital ways of working.
Jason works at our Keynsham office, which is an easy commute from his home in Bristol, riding, getting a lift or sometimes coming by public transport. He says he loves the fact that "the working environment is relaxed and everyone has good working relationships with each other." He also enjoys the flexibility of being able to work from home occasionally, as it allows him to spend the time he saves on commuting on other activities and interests, such as keeping fit.
Jason has worked for both private and public sector organisations, and says that as far as working culture and conditions go, "the differences are vast ... members of staff are a lot happier working within the public sector in comparison to private." His work brings him into contact with a really wide range of different service teams within the council. "I enjoy all aspects of my job," he says," as I like helping others and also trying out new technologies. I find it all quite rewarding but I guess getting positive feedback from customers is the most satisfying."