Software Developer, IT (university placement)

Photo of Michael, Software Developer placement student
Michael works on a range of programming tasks on software development projects for our Digital team. He's spent a year with us, as part of his University of Bath degree.*
During his year-long university placement as a Software Developer with IT Services, Michael has been given the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and roles. As a result, he's developed a range of coding skills, working with user-facing forms, back-end admin screens and server-side code.
He's gained real-world employment experience in his chosen area of programming, and feels this will stand him in good stead when he looks for work after he finishes his degree at the University of Bath.
Michael enjoys Keynsham Civic Centre as a working environment, and has found colleagues friendly and helpful during his time with us.

*Michael spent the academic year 2018-19 working with our Digital Team in Keynsham.