Planning Officer

Photo of Samantha
Samantha makes decisions on planning applications
Samantha worked for three other councils before joining the Planning Department at B&NES. She's been impressed by "the team spirit, positivity and innovation" in her current team, and feels she has learnt a lot in her role as Planning Officer, via formal training events, being given a professional mentor, and "from my managers and seniors, who are all really supportive."
Samantha finds her job very satisfying: "I enjoy shaping the place where I live and negotiating the best outcome on an application for all parties. I think my work is important. This is why I applied for the job, but it has also developed while working here, as it's a great place to be a planner."
She loves living in Bath, and finds the city centre Guildhall, "a vibrant and beautiful place to work." Samantha is very grateful for the impact of flexible working arrangements: " It's massively helpful... I can really manage any stresses in my life, whether work-based or personal, this is really, really important to me."