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Residential Services

Would you like to join us for a career in providing care & health services in a safe environment for older vulnerable adults.

Hands around the elderly

What services do we offer?

The council’s three residential homes are Community Resource Centres located in Keynsham, Bath and Midsomer Norton.

Each Community Resource Centre includes a residential care home for between 30 and 45 people.

These homes provide important services to older people in our community.  We provide care and health services in a comfortable and safe environment for older vulnerable adults with a variety of disabilities including dementia. We work hard to offer individuals the opportunity to retain as much independence as possible and to enjoy their lives.

In addition to our Community Resource Centres, we also offer an Extra Care Service. Our Extra Care Services provide individual homes within a community setting which promotes lifestyle choice, offering individuals the opportunity and motivation to retain independence whilst staying in control of their lives.

You can see the list of all of our Care homes and Extra Care Housing (ECH) schemes

In a recent Dementia Care Matters audit at our Cleeve Court Residential Centre we were pleased to receive the positive remarks about what it is like to work there:

Cleeve Court has a focused, driven and passionate manager

A team who are caring, kind and attentive; a team comfortable sharing moments and time with people who live here.

Mutual friendship is evident between the people who live there.