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Meet our people

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Never heard of B&NES? Not sure what it's like to work for a council? Why not meet a few of our staff, for a snapshot of life as part of our team?

They come from a real variety of council departments and service teams. Some have been with us for twenty years or more; others started just a month or two ago. They all share their own experiences of working for us and living in this area.

  • Becky's photo


    Commissioning, Adult Social Care

    "I have worked for a number of different employers, but B&NES is one of the best. The collaboration and innovation are really evident in the culture here, and there are so many people who are passionate about delivering the best possible outcome to the people of Bath and North East Somerset."

    Meet Becky
  • Rich's photo


    Team Leader, Planning Enforcement, MBA Apprentice

    "Compared with previous employers, the respect for staff is the most noticeable difference here at B&NES. Senior management are accessible and staff at all levels are made to feel welcome and supported"

    Meet Rich
  • Hayden's photo


    Planning Officer

    "The Planning team is very open and integrated with other specialists. It's easy to seek advice and support from a range of colleagues."

    Meet Hayden
  • Tim's photo


    Project Manager, IT Services

    "I enjoy watching members of my team grow and develop. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing people learn new things and really take to them and own them."

    Meet Tim
  • Victor's photo


    Refuse and Recycling Operations Manager

    “B&NES has an outstanding ethos on people in their working environment.”

    Meet Victor
  • Debbie 's photo


    Applications Lead, IT

    “...the flexibility I have at B&NES is something I have not seen anywhere else”

    Meet Debbie
  • Claire's photo


    Environmental Monitoring/Active Lifestyles

    "The people I work with are amazing. They are knowledgeable, caring and passionate about the work we do. This is a big motivator for me."

    Meet Claire
  • Jackie's photo


    Human Resources Business Partner

    “ I have always wanted to work for local government because I believe that what we do is important - we don't always get it right, but we are listening to what people want.”

    Meet Jackie
  • Lynda's photo


    Senior Manager in Emergency Management and Events

    “Flexible working helps me to have valuable 'thinking time' and supports my work/life balance.”

    Meet Lynda
  • Cindy's photo


    Planning Policy Officer

    "Working part-time provides the opportunity to work in a variety of roles, which I prefer."

    Meet Cindy
  • Steve's photo


    Parking Enforcement Team Leader

    "Managing people is really rewarding, helping them improve their skills, abilities, and understanding of service delivery … providing them in turn with greater job satisfaction."

    Meet Steve
  • Jason's photo


    Technical Officer, IT Services

    "The difference between the public and private sectors is vast... staff are a lot happier working within the public sector. Our professional environment is relaxed, and everyone has good working relationships with each other."

    Meet Jason
  • Andrew's photo


    Housing Officer

    "Flexible working means I can manage child care better and save up hours for extra days off."

    Meet Andrew
  • Carol's photo


    Career Progression Coach, Future Bright

    "Working for B&NES has been the best move for me, both professionally and personally"

    Meet Carol
  • Matilda's photo


    Digital Learning Designer & Trainer

    "B&NES is good with regard to flexible working, holiday entitlement and pay. I feel like a valued part of the team here."

    Meet Matilda
  • Chris's photo


    Senior Planning Officer

    "Compared with other employers I've had, B&NES pays better, offers more flexibility and has better working environments. It's also more forward thinking and more dynamic in responding to changing environments."

    Meet Chris
  • Taylor 's photo


    Digital Programme Support

    "I find it rewarding to work with services to implement changes that make other people's lives easier."

    Meet Taylor
  • Michael's photo


    Software Developer, IT (university placement)

    "I've always had a passion for programming... the most rewarding part is when I manage to fix a difficult bug which I've been trying to solve for ages."

    Meet Michael
  • Kate's photo


    Website Digital Content

    "I hadn't worked for a local authority before, and have found the culture very positive and inclusive - I like the community orientation and professionalism."

    Meet Kate
  • Simon's photo


    Career Progression Coach, Future Bright

    "I thrive on helping people and enjoy improving someone's life and the Future Bright Project really does this. We have an amazing team and this makes a huge difference in a positive way to maker us perform to the best of our abilities"

    Meet Simon
  • Samantha 's photo


    Planning Officer

    "Flexible working is massively helpful... I can really manage any stresses in my life, whether work based or personal, this is really, really important to me."

    Meet Samantha